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The National Physical Therapy Exam NPTE

The fastest most cost effective method to pass the NPTE is through a course developed by experienced professionals.

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How To Pass The National Physical Therapy Exam

National Physical Therapy Exam (NPTE)
The Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy (FSBPT) offers the National Physical Therapy Examination (NPTE) for regulation and physical therapy licensing purposes. Everyone wants to know the secrets (hyperlink "secrets" to www.therapyteam.com) to passing the NPTE. Here are the facts you need to know to prepare for and pass the NPTE the next time.

When can you take the NPTE?
The NPTE will be given on fixed dates after June 30, 2011 and only five dates in 2012 in order to improve exam security. It will still be taken on computer at Sylvian Prometric test centers. Of the 250 questions, 200 are scored and 50 are pre-test items for possible inclusion on future exams. How long is the NPTE? The NPTE is given in 5 blocks of 50 questions each. We recommend that students approach the NPTE as five 60 minutes tests. In each block 40 questions will be scored and 10 pre-test items or questions. While it is true that until the early 90's, you had to pass each section, today, the NPTE is a cumulative score exam based on the 200 scored questions.

Who write the NPTE questions?
To see how technical the question division is, refer to the current content outline developed by the FSBPT. As you can see this is a very picky exam that is developed using documents like the APTA Guide to Physical Therapy Practice and current CAPTE educational standards. You need a course that utilizes the content outline and theory to develop its materials.

What Courses are best to pass the next time:
Passing the National Physical Therapy Exam NPTE has nothing to do with how much you memorized during physical therapy school or during your exam preparation. Many DPT/MPT grads have top grades and never failed anything in their life until they failed the NPTE. How can this happen? It happens every day to really smart students because the NPTE is a test of your ability to apply your knowledge and not a test of your knowledge. That is why attending a course or workshop (hyperlink "workshop" to www.therapyteam.com) taught by experienced physical therapists is key to identifying the issues that lead to the first failure so you pass the next time.

What to do the week/night before the exam:

For an effective method that has over 15 years of experience with US educated physical therapists repeating the NPTAE. Check out www.therapyteam.com

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